Gulf Islamic Investments


GII, or Gulf Islamic Investments, is a UAE-based financial association controlled by the Emirates Securities and Commodities Authority (ESCA). The company revolves around offering direction to broad, unique, and efficient investment opportunities to its clients. The essential goal is to accomplish greater yields in land, private equity, and infrastructure.

The AUM of GII is diversified across countries, i.e., Europe, the US, India, and the Arabian Gulf. In this article, we will learn how GII is driving up its presence worldwide.

How Does Gulf Islamic Investments Work?

The GII brings a life-cycle approach to carefully structured, well-researched, and unique investment opportunities in real estate, private equity, and venture capital. The firm is involved in six main activities, i.e., deal resourcing and incubation, transaction structuring and due diligence, equity funding, advisory services, debt funding, and active and exit management. The details of the six main activities are mentioned below:

Deal Sourcing and Project Incubation

The GII plays a role in deal sourcing. It frequently searches for great investment opportunities for its clients. This approach isn’t just outward-oriented because the organization additionally undertakes its investment opportunities utilizing its business partnerships and involving its capital assets to maximize benefits for its investors.

Due Diligence and Transaction Structuring

Much of the investment projects that GII undertakes are finished with legitimate due diligence. All in all, details and depth matter while settling on venture choices. A portion of the qualities of its venture choices incorporate risk-reducing and return-enhancing attributes. The transaction structure of its investments additionally includes incentive-aligning features. Likewise, the firm looks at the investments to guarantee compliance with Islamic principles.


GII has an abundance of expertise in various fields of investment. It utilizes this expertise to give different corporate finance-related solutions to its clients. Portfolio departments also used their knowledge and skills to develop sound financing strategies. Optimization of balance sheets and reductions in cost capital are some advantages GII clients enjoy with the assistance of advisory services.

Equity Funding

The GII has access to a vast pool of capital. The firm’s strategic partners, investors, and shareholders from the Middle East region are the primary sources of capital input. More than $10 million in capital inputs are utilized for GII equity financing strategies. The organization is known for executing financial transactions in a short time.

Debt Funding

GII has a ton of involvement in the banking sector. It uses such competencies to structure and organize Shariah-compliant debt services for its clients. Some of the organization’s debt financing products include working capital, acquisition, and capital financing. The firm also appreciates other term and corporate loans from various monetary partners worldwide.

Active Management/Exit Management

With GII involvement in the financial sector, the firm is known for giving expertise to its clients through various investment cycles of new and existing businesses. In this regard, it offers continuous help to multiple organizations through exceptional monetary and corporate support services, like business and corporate investments and strategic management.

How Are Gulf Islamic Investments Ramping Up Its Presence Worldwide?

Gulf Islamic Investments is a UAE-based Shariah-complaint monetary services firm with over 2 bn US dollars in AUM. The organization is honing its emphasis on the Indian market.

The firm customers include family workplaces, foundations, banks, investors, and sovereign wealth funds in GCC and Asia. The firm has bought various properties in the US and UK. Over the past years, the association has obtained industrial, commercial, and residential buildings in the US, UK, and Dubai.

The company aims to grow its presence in India as planned. The firm said it will likewise cooperate with new Indian businesses and growth organizations, hoping to establish its foundation in the Middle East markets.

GII is part of a growing investors group from the Middle East that is backing Indian organizations and assisting them with camping out in the Gulf region. The firm started writing checks for minority stakes in local healthcare organizations from its asset called IGP or India Growth Portfolio in the second quarter of 2020. The company’s portfolio incorporates multi-specialty hospital chain and IVD, also known as in-vitro diagnostics. IVD produces medical equipment and reagents.

Other venture capital firms, such as Alpha Wave incubation, ADQ, Vy Capital, Qatar Investment Authority, and Investcorp, have participated in multiple funding rounds since 2020. Compared with the $1.8 bn put in by GII in India in 2019, they poured in a record $7.5 bn last year, per the Venture Intelligence data. Albeit over $6 bn went into Reliance’s retail and digital arms, Indian business conglomerates like Mukesh Ambani lured different firms into India. It encouraged them to invest in the country. In 2021, Middle Eastern investors wrote checks worth over $1.2 bn for local companies.  

GII considers India a prime investment destination and depicts the organization’s commitment to future investments. With the GII succeeding in the preliminary investment rounds through IGP, the company plans to expand its footprint in India and contribute to the India-UAE investment sector.


The main objective of Gulf Islamic Investments is to accomplish steady and prevalent profits from its clients’ investments. By zeroing in on the asset management and financial sectors, the primary investment areas are real estate, venture capital, and infrastructure. The organization aims to keep offering the best financial services to its clients, realizing that it plays an extraordinary part in giving Sharia-compliant services to its customers, as it is their primary partner for growth.