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  • December 12, 2023
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The Sound of Freedom movie is an action film that was released in July 2023. The faith-based child trafficking thriller Sound of Freedom has become one of the year’s greatest, most surprising box office hits. Delivered by upstart distributor Angel Studios, the film has rounded up $130 million in the U.S.

The whole film was made on a low financial budget. The movie’s underdog success story is not the only reason it makes headlines. Numerous conspiracy theories have spread all over the world since the arrival of the film. This article will detail everything you need to know about the film Sound of Freedom. 

What Is Sound of Freedom Movie About?

Initially filmed in 2018, Sound of Freedom is based on the genuine story of Tim Ballard, who founded Operation Underground Railroad, also known as (OUR) in 2023, an association that attempts to prevent the sex trafficking of kids. Tim mentioned in his recent interviews that one of his first missions was this enormous hit in Colombia. 

In the film, Jim Caviezel, who plays Ballard in the last part of his DHS career, is worn out by a series of soul-depleting trafficking cases, including migrant youngsters. At the point when he heads on a mission at the Mexican border, he’s ready to free one child, yet not the kid’s sister, Rocio, who is still in danger in Colombia. With the wife’s approval, Ballard goes to South America as an independent specialist and dives deep undercover to track down the missing girl.

That excursion brings him into the Colombian jungle, where he finds that Rocio is being kept locked down by a rebel chief named Scorpio. Alongside another anti-trafficking American expat, Vampiro, Ballard should infiltrate the compound and sort out a method for her to safety.

Why Is Sound of Freedom Movie Controversial?

The film has received mixed reviews, especially regarding its historical accuracy. The Ballard’s organization has been criticized for its roles in anti-trafficking cases. Other than Ballard himself, some former partners speak out about their experience. In 2021, Caviezel stood out and made headlines when he appeared to espouse QAnon conspiracies around human trafficking during a right-wing gathering.

One of the primary QAnon conspiracy theories is centred around the idea that the global elite that worships Satan runs the world and also has involvement in a child trafficking ring. Some reviews have ties with far-right political movements with the movie. The Rolling Stones call the film a “QAnon-tinged thriller”.  

The commotion over the film’s alleged QAnon ties came to a head when a conspiracy theory that the mega-movie chain AMC Theatres was deliberately disrupting Sound of Freedom screenings by emptying screenings, making the sound quiet, or stopping air conditioning. Both the exhibitor’s leader and the film’s distributor openly shut down the claims.

Unfortunately, instead of embracing the film’s message, the corporate media has sent off a slanderous attack against it. The main question is why would the press invest so much effort in vilifying a film that fights against the issue of child sex trafficking. Sound of Freedom movie has likewise taken its knocks for another report that its lead executive producer and investor, Andrew McCubbins, pleaded guilty in 2020 to an $89 Medicare fraud scheme.

Why Is Sound of Freedom Connected to QAnon?

While there’s uncertainty encompassing OUR, the central aspect of the discussion about the film has been its connection to QAnon. It is a political conspiracy theory that got popular in 2017 within forum posts from far-righters on 4chan. The central belief surrounding the conspiracy is that a gathering of Sinister, cannibalistic individuals is operating a children’s sex trafficking ring and that this cabal contrived against Donald Trump during his presidency.

Yet, the connections go further than the film’s subtext, as both Tim Ballard and the actor who plays him, Jim Caviezel, have shown their support for conspiracy theories brought into the world by the movement. In 2021, Caviezel – who was chosen by Ballard for his part in The Count of Monte Cristo and Mel Gibson’s The Enthusiasm of the Christ – talked about a wildly outrageous conviction from the QAnon theory while promoting the film.

The thought guarantees that Sinister Hollywood elitists torment children and drink their blood to receive the rewards of a life-giving compound called adrenochrome. According to TWP, while talking in Oklahoma, Caviezel mentioned that Ballard wanted to join him. Still, he is occupied with the work of saving children. The kids are being pulled out from the darkest recesses of hell. 


The director, Alejandro Gómez Monteverde, has some sense of flourish, so it’s difficult to discern whether this film tries not to routinely invigorate set pieces out of trustworthiness or simply the absence of inspiration. Strangely, the image’s muted tone undermines its grave sense of mission. 

The Sound of Freedom movie expects to hold us back from investigating exaggerated, alarmist cries about child trafficking too closely. That, amusingly, closes down valuable discussion about the most ideal way to really help stop child trafficking. The point of such theories, all things considered apart from the subject of child trafficking, is to make shrill narratives. Similarly, as OUR itself is something of a smokescreen, the film is eventually a type of extremist propaganda — and that extremism is to some extent as dark and hazardous as the very thing the film tries to combat.