Commercial Bank of Dubai
  • November 11, 2023
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Are you searching for the Commercial Bank of Dubai near me? If yes, you need to know about CBD in detail first. It is a central retail bank in Dubai that has been successfully redeveloping its web-based banking offer through smart devices, websites, and social media applications. The in-branch banking experience remains the same. 

One of the significant parts of the bank’s strategy is to attract a younger demographic, secure a new client pipeline, reinforce its image, and become a market leader using advanced technology. This article will highlight everything you need to know about CBD.

What Are the Different Types of Account CBD Offers?

CBD offers different types of checking accounts to cater to your needs. It also comes with personal services that provide a meaningful relationship between the bank and the customer. Below are the different types of CBD checking accounts:

DDA Checking Account

CBD provides a business DDA checking account from which deposited money can be withdrawn without giving any notice in advance. Business DDA accounts pay interest to its members on the deposited funds but aren’t required to.

The banks provide affordable and convenient checking solutions for individuals and businesses with transactions of up to 200 per month at no charge. Members only need $100 to open an account and get detailed bank statements monthly.

Business Analysis Checking Account

CBD also provides business analysis checking accounts specially designed for firms that require multiple business checking accounts and have more complex financial requirements. It eliminates or reduces service charges with a competitive earnings credit to save you cash.

Businesses can do higher transaction volume with this account, and it also applies earnings credit to offset monthly service charges. Individuals require $100 to open and create an account. Members don’t need to maintain any minimum monthly balance.

Business NOW Checking Account

CBD also offers a NOW account, an interest-earning account where customers can write drafts against cash on deposit. Businesses can easily create a NOW account. It provides a flexible checking option for non-profit or sole companies that pay members interest compounded daily at market rates.

When opening a business NOW account, the minimum required amount to avoid a service fee for this account is $2500.

What Is the E-Banking Services Commercial Bank of Dubai Offers?

With CBD e-banking services, you don’t have to search for the term Commercial Bank of Dubai near me. The bank provides web-based banking services to create a meaningful bond between parties. Below are all the e-banking services CBD offers:

Web-Based Portal

CBD simplifies the process of managing your business accounts on the web. In case you are an entrepreneur, members also get the option to handle their personal and business accounts together, making it more straightforward to deal with all of your banking in one place. CBD utilizes cutting-edge innovation to simplify the entire process and secure your accounts. You can likewise view your e-statements and checks that are cancelled to eliminate clutter and make it simple for members to explore the gateway.

Banking via Mobile

CBD likewise offers banking through mobile that gives quick access to your business accounts. With mobile banking, account holders can view their accounts. Recent account activity can be checked without any problem. Moving money between accounts, booking bill payments, finding nearby bank branches, and saving checks should be done rapidly through the mobile app.

What Is the Advantages CBD Provides to Its Clients?

CBD provides a broad scope of benefits to its individuals. Some of the advantages are mentioned below:

Monetary Services

The bank is known for offering numerous business and retail banking items and services. Every one of the products and services is both Shariah-compliant and conventional. CBD offers a variety of banking and monetary services to support its customers financially. 

Digital Offerings

CBD utilizes advanced technology to provide its customers with innovative digital offerings. The bank offers digital initiatives for client onboarding, digital card applications, loans, and account opening. The Commercial Bank of Dubai is the first bank to launch a robo-advisory investment application. 

Worker’s Benefits

CBD employees get many advantages, including industry-benchmarked salaries and various discount opportunities. All the employees get a reward package from the company that includes flexible working hours and medical insurance. The bank is known for providing a broad mix of benefits to all its account holders and employees.

Private Banking

Another significant advantage of banking with CBD is that it provides its members private banking services. Suppose you are a CBD private banking member. In that case, you get extensive benefits designed to fulfil your banking needs and lifestyle.

Global Network

Lastly, one of the significant benefits of being a CBD member is that account holders can easily use their digital cards worldwide. The bank is a part of the global Visa card network. Customers’ benefits may depend on your account type or the service you select with the bank. 


The vision of CBD is to increase the strength between its franchises, continuously building connections and surpassing the expectations of its members. The main aim is to be clients’ number one bank of choice, conveying top-tier value propositions to assist their other businesses and personal banking requirements. 

Safeguarding the interests of every one of our partners and promoting long-haul sustainability is another primary objective of CBD. Now you know everything you need to know about CBD before searching for the term Commercial Bank of Dubai near me. Go through the above information to learn more about it in detail.