How to Make Money from OnlyFans

Those searching for the term how to make money on OnlyFans must realize there are different methods to earn it from the application. OnlyFans is a content membership service application that acquired popularity during Coronavirus. Most people see it as an adult content site. 

Still, it was initially established as a way for fans to get exclusive admittance to content from their popular influencers. Many famous celebrities utilize the application to share their content. OnlyFans is not a quick-rich scheme application offering various methods to earn legitimate money. This article will highlight some of the best-proven ways to make from OnlyFans in 2023. 

Proven Ways to Make Money on OnlyFans

The following are some of the best methods for generating cash on OnlyFans in 2023: 


The best method for creating cash on OnlyFans is with paid memberships, which can go up to $49.99 monthly. All the content goes behind a paywall, and it’s just open when somebody joins as a paid subscriber. It is one of the methods to earn from the platform, which is the reason that makes the app so popular. All the viewers must pay a monthly membership charge to view stories, streams, and posts. 

All the new creators can use the built-in promotional campaign elements to build their subscriber count even while utilizing a paywall. Creators can also give discounts periods up to a maximum of 12 months. It’s an effective method for remunerating loyal fans and encouraging new ones. 

Direct Messages 

Another effective way is through direct messages. It is precisely what they sound like — these are messages sent straightforwardly to your fans, and creators can charge up to $100 per direct, private message. Fans get access to exclusive content directly in their DMs. Consider direct messages texting somebody with customized and uncensored recordings or photographs. The messaging component can be utilized for more than PPV content. Creators send customized welcome messages to their fans and mass messages with content updates. Indeed, that is free content, yet it constructs an unwavering fan base.  

Live Streaming

If you are still wondering how to make money on OnlyFans, live streaming is another ideal method to generate cash. Live streaming paid content is for free accounts that want some of their content monetized. Creators can sell access to PPV streams. The ticket prices vary from low to high. Live streaming is an excellent option for new creators because it creates a sense of community, authenticity, and bond between creators and fans. Creators also co-stream on the platform. For all the new creators, co-stream assists in growing the audience.

Paid Posts

Since numerous new makers are careful about concealing all of their content behind a payment gateway, PPV or paid posts allow creators to gate a portion of their content while offering the remainder for free. The idea is that creators can charge fans for getting access to exclusive content. Anyone can view it once the payment is made monthly. Creators can charge for pictures, videos, or voice notes. 


Creators who do not want to show their face or body can earn through ghostwriting for OnlyFans accounts. It is a very unique way to generate cash from the application. All the ghostwriters are hired by creators to reply to private messages. Fans criticize the practice, but outsourcing is an option for many content creators to handle their workload. It is a very creative niche method to earn money from OnlyFans in 2023. 


Few OnlyFans creators described tips as their bread and butter. This method lets subscribers tip on particular posts or your overall content. There is a $100 cap on tips for a user’s initial four months. After that, the tips can increase up to $200. Creators require at least five posts on their account page to monetize with the tip’s method. Content creators can also create a tip menu highlighting how a specific creator can deliver various content or engagements depending on the tip amount. 

Is OnlyFans Secure?

For every OnlyFans creator, it is essential to create boundaries as per their comfort, especially if they plan to post adult content. It is also important to note that not everyone is a sex-positive babe. Many creators who make adult content have spoken about the backlash they faced when starting to work on the application. OnlyFans permits every user to set boundaries securely. Apart from sexual content, there are other niches that creators can try to make money on the platform.  


Now that you know the answer to how to make money on OnlyFans, it is vital to remember that OnlyFans provides a simple and secure way to generate income from the platform. Whether it is a primary source of income or a side hustle, individuals can sign up on the website. Due to the platform’s unrestricted content policy, it is very famous among creators who work in the adult industry. The platform also provides content from other genres besides the adult content. The platform can help creators build a robust following and monetize their content profitably. 


How difficult is it for OnlyFans creators to generate revenue?

Like any business, making content on OnlyFans isn’t easy; however, earning a considerable amount through the platform is possible. OnlyFans creators can make up to $1000 monthly on the platform.

How can OnlyFans creators earn without showing their face?

Individuals can easily make content without showing their face. You can likewise utilize a fake name, block particular regions from seeing content, and get help reporting if the content has been removed from the platform illegally.