Unlocking Truth About Free Money on Cash App


There are many secret websites to make money that will help you become independent financially. However, the trickiest part is, much of the time, knowing where to start. Many websites on the web pay users for various sorts of work. On top of that, you can join all these platforms completely free.

This article will list secret websites that can be joined quickly to generate cash. There are many unknown websites to browse, so select the ones according to your range of abilities and preferences.

8 Secret Websites to Make Money on the Web in 2023

Below are the 8 secret websites that anyone can utilize to earn and boost their income:


To start off our list, we have Teachable in the first position. It is a site where you can make and sell online courses. In case you have mastery in a specific field of study, you can make a web-based course and sell it on Teachable. 

You can use their simplified course builder to create your course and provide other study materials. When your course is prepared, you can set a cost and sell it. The site takes care of everything from course delivery to payment.


The second secret website to make money is Idle-Empire. You can generate cash on this site by taking surveys, viewing videos, and performing other simple tasks. Whenever you have acquired $0.10, you can withdraw your money through digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Altcoins. 

The amount can also be withdrawn through PayPal or gift cards. The platform is only accessible in countries like USA, UK, etc. If you reside in these countries, you can quickly join the platform and earn passive income.

Current Rewards

Next up, we have Current Rewards. If you like listening to music, viewing videos, or playing games, this platform is for you. The site rewards its members by performing point-earning tasks on their platform. Once you complete the tasks assigned to you and reach the minimum withdrawal limit, you can withdraw your cash directly into your PayPal account or through gift cards.

The platform also has its own application accessible for all smart devices. The platform has no geographical restrictions, so you can utilize it to earn passive income. 

Second to None

The fourth secret website to make money is the Second to None website. It is a platform where members can generate extra cash for doing tasks such as dining or shopping. It is a website that provides various services to different industries. Once you are a member of the site, you will be given locations to visit and assess customer services and the overall experience of the establishment.

You will need to provide elaborate feedback to Second to None, and in return, the site will pay you for your reviews. The task pay differs depending on the duration and complexity of the task. It is a fun platform to earn some extra cash.


Enroll is another platform where individuals can join as a tester for different sites, smart device applications, and digital items. As an analyser, you will be assigned tasks such as giving feedback on a digital product, exploring websites, and testing different application features.

Your earning potential depends on the number of testing opportunities and the task’s difficulty. The website also permits members to enter a referral program to earn more cash by bringing new users to join the site.


The sixth secret website on our list is Foap. It is an incredible site for novice photographers to adapt their abilities and generate extra cash. The process is easy. You just need to upload your best photographs on the site after you make an account.

From that point onward, assuming any agency or brand purchases your pictures, you get compensated. For each sale, the site takes a 50% commission. The platform is specifically made for photographers seeking ways to earn additional cash. 


Qmee is another site that pays users for completing surveys and exploring the web. The site pays up to $1 per survey. It also provides cashback when you shop on the web. Members get paid via PayPal or gift cards. The payment is transferred within minutes once the task is finished.

Qmee permits users to cash out at any time. There is no minimum threshold. The main disadvantage is that the compensation is very low and might require some time to gather a significant sum. However, it offers simple methods for making money in your free time, so it is worth considering.


The last secret website on our list is Palfish. The website recruits local English people to instruct English to understudies in nations where English isn’t the primary language.

The site offers pre-planned educational programs, so you don’t have to set up your own. To earn from this platform, you require TEFL or TESL teaching certification. The website pays $22 for each hour, and you also get bonuses.


All in all, these are some of the secret websites to make money in 2023. Utilizing any sites from the list can provide an extra income stream. With such countless choices accessible, tracking down the one that best suits your abilities, interests, and schedule is significant.

Remember, bringing in cash online requires devotion and hard work. Yet, anybody can procure a huge pay on the web with the right mentality and tools.

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