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  • September 9, 2023
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Before searching for the term Truist Bank near me, you must research before creating an account. These days, searching for the best bank is challenging because each bank has its own unique speciality. Truist Bank, formerly BB&T, provides extensive financial assets and services for people and businesses. 

The bank is known for offering low fees, but you don’t get the most competitive rates. If you reside within the bank’s footprint, you should create a Truist bank account. This article will provide a complete review of Truist Bank in detail.

Truist Bank Accounts and Pricing

Customers are offered many options when opening an account in Truist Bank. Each account has its own benefits and price. Below are all the details regarding bank accounts and its pricing:

Checking Accounts

You will be given different options regarding checking accounts, i.e., Truist One, Student, Truist Confidence, and Truist Money. Truist One Checking comes with significant advantages, such as automatic balance adjustment. It provides a $100 Negative Balance Buffer2 only for qualified individuals. There are no overdraft fees. With Truist One, you get cashback from selected credit cards.

Truist Student Checking is a non-interest-bearing account. There are no interest tiers, and account statements are provided every month. It may also be mixed with other deposit accounts. The charged-off account fee in overdraft is $30. 

The Truist Confidence account requires a minimum of $25 as an opening deposit. There is a month-to-month maintenance charge of $5. Students under 25 are also qualified to open a Truist Confidence account. The last is the Truist Money account, a reloadable prepaid debit card. You don’t need to deposit any amount to open this account. You can use this checking account with an existing account and transact online from the reloadable card. You do need to pay a monthly fee of $5. 

Savings Accounts

You can likewise open a Savings account that pays 0.01% APY. An initial deposit of $50 is required, and a $5 maintenance expense is charged every month. With a Truist savings account, you can set up automatic transfers from your Truist checking account and get balance notifications to assist you with tracking your progress. Like the Truist Savings account, a money market account also pays 0.01% APY. With this account, you can write checks that allow users access to cash quickly. 

CD Accounts

Truist Banks also offers CDs with terms starting from 7 days up to 60 months. The Truist Bank CDs provide an APY of 4.50% through all balance tiers. A minimum of $2500 opening deposit is required for 7 months to 31 days. For 32-day to 60-month terms, a minimum of $1000 opening deposit is required. These are all the different accounts that you can open with Truist Bank.

Truist Bank Features

Truist Bank provides many features to all its customers. Below mentioned are some of the Truist Bank features:

Web-Based Banking

The number one feature of Truist Bank is that it provides a safe and secure web-based platform to all its account holders. With the assistance of Truist web-based banking, you can track your accounts, make bill payments, and send money with Zelle. There are a lot of benefits to utilizing online banking.

Mobile Application

The Truist mobile app lets you easily track your finances from your smart device. Many Truist account holders use this application to transact or do other banking activities from their smartphones.

Bank Branches

Truist Bank has 2781 branches worldwide that provide all banking services to its customers. Having so many branches make the bank among the top banks in the U.S. 

No Overdraft Fees

Truist Bank has eliminated or decreased overdraft fees. Individuals with a Truist One Checking account do not get charged with any overdraft fees. There is availability of transfer from a line credit with the bank.

What Are Other Financial Assets Truist Bank Offers?

Besides offering different deposit products, Truist Bank provides an extensive range of other banking assets and services you should know before searching for the term Truist Bank near me. Below mentioned are all the different banking products and services:

Home Loans

Truist Bank also offers home loans to all its customers. You get an extensive range of options, such as conventional, FHA, VA mortgages, jumbo, home equity lines of credit, and refinances. 

Personal Loans

Individuals with a Truist checking account can take a traditional and unique Truist Ready Now loan ranging from $100 to $1000. The bank is also known for offering personal loans to its account holders. 

Credit Cards

Another financial product Truist Bank offers is credit cards. The bank offers five different credit cards, including three reward cards and one no-frills card, that can positively affect balance transfers and a secured credit card. 


Truist Bank also offers extensive coverage options that include life, property, and disability through the bank’s partner network. These days, having an insurance policy is very useful. 


Contingent upon the financial experience you’re searching for, Truist Bank could be an ideal fit or miss the mark regarding your expectations. To assist with pursuing your choice, determine your needs and requirements to make a final decision, and you’ll be prepared to settle on the ideal choice.

Truist is a good decision if you live within the bank’s footprint and want to avoid overdraft charges. Numerous public banks charge you when you overdraw, yet Truist has two financial accounts with no overdraft expenses. Finally, before looking up Truist Bank near me, ensure you review the article before creating any account. 

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